Beginning on 15 August 2018, severe floods affected the south Indian state of Kerala, due to unusually high rainfall during the monsoon season. Over 483 people died, and 15 are missing. At least a million people were evacuated,14 districts of the state were placed on red alert.

Kerala received heavy monsoon rainfall, which was about 256% more than the usual rain fall in Kerala.  Almost all dams had been opened since the water level had risen close to overflow level due to heavy rainfall, flooding local low-lying areas. For the first time in the state’s history, 35 of its 54 dams had been opened.

Heavy rains have caused severe landslides and have left the hilly districts isolated.
It is the worst flood in Kerala after “The great flood of 99” that happened in 1924.

The Indian government declared it a Level 3 Calamity, or “calamity of a severe nature”.

Kerala before floods : February 6, 2018
Kerala during floods : August 22, 2018